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Please fill in the following form as completely as possible and click on "Send". A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you. Please contact the ring registrar Kelly Vriesema (519-268-0888) if you do not receive a confirmation as extremely rarely orders do not reach us through the world wide web. A price list is also available at bottom of page. To find proper ring size please go to A.A.C.C. for official sizing chart http://aacc.ca/rngsize.htm
Orders sent by regular e-mail are not encouraged as we can not ensure they are properly recorded.

Please remember to ensure proper registry you must be a direct member of the LADCBA to order leg bands from us. If you are a member of one of our affiliates and not the LADCBA , you must order through your own club. If you are not a current member for the year of rings you order, the annual fee of $25.00 will be automatically charged!

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Closed bands for this order will be for (please insert year)    year bands. {Please note: At this time of year we are accepting 2016 leg band orders so failure to complete this line may delay delivery of your order! }
Closed aluminum or steel rings (year dated and numbered). Please state quantity in the space adjacent to size required and check on aluminum or stainless steel (for sizes K through Y). As it is difficult to know whether "10" means one string of 10 bands or 100 bands, please write the numbers required as 1 string, or 3 strings, etc. As you may purchase single bands in sizes T and larger (and also all the stainless steel bands), please fill in the form as 1 single or 1 string, etc.). You can keep typing at the end of each box, it will scroll.

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Note: Only small quantities of stainless steel bands are kept in stock so please order these well before they are required. Stainless steel bands are not the regular closed bands made of aluminum used at most bird shows - they are not in the year colour, only silver!


Member Prices (affiliated clubs receive a reduced price) are as follows: Sizes A to L - $6.25 per 10, sizes M to S - $7.00 per 10, sizes T and up $18.00 per 10 or $2.25 each. Stainless Steel bands are $5.50 per band.

Split bands available through ring registrar please contact Kelly Vriesema (519-268-0888) for; pricing, colour, and sizes available.
Coded bands (closed aluminum or closed steel are year dated, plastics are undated) numbered and coded with your individual code. Please do not fill in the closed band section above if you wish coded bands only. Please order in multiples of 10 for sizes A through S, and indicate singles or strings of 10 in sizes T through Y (e.g. 1 string of 10, 2 strings of 10 or 3 singles). Minimum order for sizes T and large is 5 bands. You can keep typing at the end of each box, it will scroll. Coded bands will take between eight and ten weeks to arrive from the supplier. If you need bands quickly, we recommend ordering regular uncoded. And if you have not previously registered a code, we request that you contact the ring registra Kelly Vriesema (519-268-0888) directly to do so before sending in your order and check the current code list at www.aacc.ca/codes.htm. We can only accept the following combinations: numbers 0 to 9, the letters A to Z and these symbols + . ' - &.
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Quantity Material * Size Code Number Number Registrant's Name

Please choose either closed aluminum (CA), stainless steel (SS), plastic (PL) or split aluminum (SA) or just write your request in the material field (it will scroll). As coded bands do not have the sizes listed on them, we recommend that similar ring sizes have different numbers. Special note: for some reason "N" or "n" does not register on our system so if you are ordering N size coded, please type the words "Size N" in that line.


Also, Stainless steel bands are not in the year colour, only silver! These bands are costly and cannot be returned for any reason so once ordered from LADCBA (usually within 24 hours of receipt of your order) you must pay  for them. No coded order can be cancelled or altered once sent to our supplier. Thank you : )


Coded bands of all types take a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks to arrive from LDCBA. Please do not expect a faster delivery than this.  If you need closed bands quickly to band your young birds, please use the "closed aluminum or steel rings" section near the top of this page.

Member Prices are as follows: Closed Aluminum Sizes A to L - $6.50 per 10, sizes M to S - $7.00 per 10, sizes T and up $20.00 per 10 or $2.50 each (minimum order 5 bands). Stainless Steel -$6.00 ea (minimum order 5 bands) Plastics - all sizes $6.50 per 10. Split Aluminum - A to L $12.50 per 10, M to S $14.50 per 10, T to X $17.00 per 10, Y to Z $28.00 per 10

THERE IS AN ADDED $10 EXCHANGE RATE SURCHARGE. Shipping charges will be added as appropriate (minimum charge of $3.00 for less than 100 bands . There is no sales tax charged on ring orders. Any special requests (express mail, etc) please use the box provided.
London and District Cage Bird Assoc.


Notes and Policies: Memberships are not refundable for any reason. All ring sales are final. Generally coded bands or any rings that must be ordered from our supplier will take somewhere between 8 and 10 weeks to receive, sometimes longer in peak season (September through December) Neither e-mail nor snail mail addresses are given out to the public for any reason without requesting the consent of the member first.
Please press send and wait a moment or two for the order to be registered on our server. Thank you!